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New York Sports Weekly Editorials

U. S. Olympic Hockey Team - A Disgrace

The 1998 US Olympic Hockey Team was just the opposite of the heroic 1980 team that won the gold medal. That team was short on talent but long on character and determination. According to press reports from Japan members of the current team were said to have been getting drunk the night before key games and to have trashed the facility that they were staying in before they left. The US Olympic Committee should make sure that this doesn't happen again. It's a privilege to represent one's country in the Olympics; a privilege that requires more than talent.

Knicks and Nets Trades

The Knicks and Nets were able to obtain useful ballplayers just before the trade deadline without giving up anything important. Each player has his downside - Terry Cumming's age and Rony Seikaly's problems on defense. But each will add something useful to his new club and at a price that was well worth it.

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